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Indiana Mortgage Company:
Mainstream Mortgage - a Fort Wayne Mortgage Company
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Here is why going directly to a bank can be limiting:
  1. Banks are product oriented.  They have only their programs to offer and, if you don't fit or don't like
    them, they'll send you away having wasted your valuable time.  Very few individuals fit the bank's
    required "perfect loan scenario".
  2. Banks tend to focus solely on the A+ to A- credit borrowers and require low loan to value ratios.
    (Loan To Value is the percentage you intend to borrow in relation to the value of the collateral)
  3. Banks don't see enough of the credit challanged borrower to be able to offer the advice and
    information you need to put yourself back on track to be a more solid loan applicant.
  4. Mortgage brokers have access to almost every loan program in the marketplace, providing a one-
    stop shop.
  5. Good mortgage broker firms only get paid if your loan closes, giving them incentive to get the job
    done. And we provide full disclosure! Banks and Bankers can NOT say the same.
  6. Good mortgage brokers are accustomed to comparing and contrasting many different loan
    programs - finding the best one for your situation, regardless of the lender.
  7. Good mortgage brokers will act as a filter, helping to determine how to present your loan
    package in the most valuable way.
  8. Good mortgage brokers are willing to work with you months and even years in advance to help
    prepare you and/or your loan.
  9. Good mortgage brokers may identify other loan programs for your situation, such as a refinance
    to help your cash position.
  10. Many mortgage brokers are dependent upon referral business, making them more concerned
    with your happiness.
Our Mission:
"To offer reliable advice and
exceptional customer
service while providing the
best programs available."
Contact us:

10534 Coldwater Rd
Fort Wayne, IN 46845

Notary Services Available
Indiana Mortgage Company
Mainstream Mortgage  *  1053
4 Coldwater Rd.  *  Fort Wayne, IN 46845
a local Fort Wayne Mortgage Company
  • Professional and courteous service ALL the time
  • Knowledge and experience you can trust
  • We are advisors not just loan officers
  • Get the answers you need about your credit
  • Federal and State certified staff
  • Assistance with the home-buying and selling processes
  • One on One dedication and attention
  • Flexible hours and weekends available
Mainstream Mortgage is family owned and locally operated in
Fort Wayne, Indiana. My husband and I opened Mainstream
Mortgage together in Jan 2003. Since then not only has our
personal family grown to a family of four but our business
family has grown as well.  

Our clients are the reason we have maintained our sanity in
this ever changing industry.  We cherish every memory we
have shared with our clients and we have gained some
amazing friendships along the way.  
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Who is Mainstream?
Brokers are tested in
order to be Federal and
State licensed to
originate loans. When
you are making the most
important financial
decision of your life it
should be with a trusted,
licensed professional.
Full disclosure, certified
advisors and competitive
in the marketplace... this
is what you will get with
Mainstream Mortgage.
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We aim to bring you resources that can help you with all of your financing and basic homeowner needs.  
From a  wide range of mortgage products to references for homeowners insurance, mortgage protection
insurance, selling your home and so much more.  As the owners of the company we can give you a
more direct approach to your financing along with personal attention throughout the entire process.

We are thrilled you're visiting our website and look forward to speaking with you for any of your needs!
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Mainstream Mortgage, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Mortgage Broker in Fort Wayne, IN