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frustrating experience. To save you time,
we've compiled a list of Websites sites
that might be of interest to you.

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Better Business Bureau We always encourage checking the Better Business Bureau for that of
our competitors as well as ourselves. Get the information you need for your Indiana Mortgage
Company search.

Need to dispute something on your credit report or simply need to contact one of the agencies? These
are the three major credit reporting agencies.
Trans Union Credit Reporting Agency
Experian Credit Reporting Agency
Equifax Credit Reporting Agency

Free Credit Report
We encourage all of our customers to check out their credit history. Your FICO credit impacts your
mortgage rate options. Just 5 or 10 points may qualify you for a better mortgage and over the lifetime of
a loan, that could save you thousands of dollars! Get a free copy of your credit report. It's important to
keep track of what is on your credit in order to be sure it's in good standing at all times. And, give us a
call if you have questions-Consumers who try to manage their credit score without guidance often do
more harm than good. They make mistakes like closing unused credit cards, which can actually hurt a
credit score.

Mold Resources: Mold isn't always dangerous but its very important to recognize the signs of mold and
know how to get rid of it properly. Here is some information that can help you with mold.
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Informative Resources:
Having an approval prior to making an offer gives you buying power and shows the seller you are
qualified to purchase their home and a serious buyer.

For Sale By Owner Listings #1
Prefer to buy a home that is "for sale by owner" check out this website for additional homes. Do you
plan to list a home For Sale By Owner? Don't dismiss the power of a Realtor-check both avenues.
What you may not realize is what powerful resources Realtor's have to sell your home. With the
overwhelming list of homes available today your home can easily get lost without the right advertising.
Be sure to weigh the differences.
For Sale By Owner Listings #2
A local Fort Wayne For Sale By Owner company dedicated to helping those who need or want to sell
their home for sale by owner or buy a home for sale by owner.

Realtor Listings
The biggest source of homes for sale are those listed by Realtors. Don't forget the power of having a
Realtor on your side to help you find a home, advise on things you may not think about, assist you
with your offer and help you finalize your moving plans.

Home-buyer Education Course
Need or want to take an educational course on buying a home? There are a few loans that require
this free course or you can take it to learn a little more about the home-buying experience.
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Resources For Buying A Home:
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