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In today's tough economy we
are all faced with some tough
challenges and forced to
change the way we live, how
we spend our money, and
what we plan for tomorrow.

We have outlined several
different ideas that anyone
can easily implement into
their life and see real savings
right away. A few are long
term and some may take time
but regardless of your need or
desire to save money we are
sure you will find a few great
ideas that will work for you!
Be informed and practice saving money before you purchase a new home. Saving money isn't always
easy but it is crucial to a new homeowner. Here are some great tips that can get you on the road to
being a responsible homeowner. Looking to purchase in Indiana? Give us a call to purchase your new
home or get the advice you need to get there!

Did you know you can earn money by purchasing online.  There are many websites that offer cashback
or rewards by simply using their portal to make your purchases. Choose your favorite reward sites,
make your purchases and once you hit a certain level you cash out for cash sent to you, bonds, travel
discounts etc.
There are so many of them out there; our favorites are:
Mr Rebates: They have a Huge number of commonly known venders like Kohls, Best Buy, Target and
hundreds more along with travel, automotive and eyecare. They have the highest earnings for cash back
that we have found in most cases.
Big Crumbs: Hundreds of deals and coupons. Shop at your favorite vendors also.
Offermatic: Log your credit card into your account (they don't need your account number to do this) and
they give you offers based on your actual spending. This is a new one we have found and their offers are
perfectly matched with your spending...we love it so far.

Combine your favorite rewards companies with the next coupon suggestion and save even more.

Coupon Codes
2.) Search Coupon Codes – Most online venders have an option to input a promotion code or coupon
code at the time of checkout. Did you know you can do a search for these coupons and retrieve these
codes? Choose your favorite search engine, type in your venders name along with the word “coupon” for
your search and review your matches. For example "Kohls coupon". If you are wanting to buy a specific
item compare these coupon options before you decide who you want to buy through and don’t forget to
check your rewards site too, by combining the coupon with your cash back rewards you can save tons of
Online Grocery Coupons – Most of us clip coupons from the Sunday paper but many don’t know
about online tools that allow you to print these same coupons and many more. Here are a few of the free
printable sites:
There are others available also that require a membership so you will need to analyze your savings vs
your cost. But you can find good information about these sites and compare them at
4.) Grocery – Shop where the sales are. If you have the time, shop at more than one grocery store;
therefore, shopping more than once per week may be required.  If you pick and choose what you get and
only get the sale items at each location this can add up to a pretty significant savings-assuming you
have the time. If you have a Walgreens close keep an eye on them they put pretty good ads out each
week and you can sign up to receive email coupons for money off of your entire purchase.

Buying with credit
1.) Believe it or not you can actually make money off of your credit cards.  If you have the discipline to pay
your card in full every month no matter what the balance, than change to a cash dividend credit card,
make all necessary purchases with the card and pay in full when the statement comes in. You do not
pay interest on your card because you pay it in full every month, you keep your money in your bank
account longer which also makes you money, and you earn cash back on your credit card that you can
cash out whenever you hit the necessary mark.
2.) Transfer high rate cards to lower rate cards when possible. Its not always advisable to close out $0
balances however-you may need to consider how this can affect your credit score. There are many other
factors to consider and leaving this balance at $0 may also take discipline.
3.) If you have too much credit, consider consolidating with either a personal loan or a mortgage of
some type, which allows for tax deductible interest-another plus. Again be sure to consider all factors
like the new rate versus the old, your long term savings and your short term savings.
4.) If consolidating is not an option pay as much towards the high rate credit cards as you can first.

Mortgage payments
1.) Accelerated Mortgage Payments – Sign up for bi-weekly payment plans or better yet save the cost of
the bi-weekly plan fee and do it yourself. The concept of the bi-weekly plan allows you to make 1 extra
payment per year since you are making a payment every 2 weeks rather than 1 time per month. You can
take it upon yourself to send in that extra payment once a year or divide it by 12 and pay that much extra
per month. This adds up to significant savings over the life of your loan.
Refinance – If you have a high rate cut back on your monthly interest by refinancing to a lower rate that
can save you thousands over the life of the loan.  Cutting down the term of your loan from a 30 to a 20 or
a 15 is also another way to save; however, weighing out the costs versus the savings must always be

Home Savings
Heating/Cooling – All year round you can save on your energy costs:
1.) Close off vents to un-used rooms
2.) Do a yearly check on areas that may have a cold draft: Check the seal around doors, windows and
fireplaces and close off these leaks with fresh caulk, plastic and door sweeps.
3.) Use cold water for laundry whenever you can
4.) Always replace filters as this adds to your furnaces efficiency        
5.) Don’t turn your furnace higher than the desired temperature, it won’t heat faster and will use more
energy to get there
6.) Don’t turn you furnace off when leaving home for the day or while sleeping. Turning it down is
advisable but not too low as the home will have to be re-heated and this will take even more energy to
do so.
7.) If possible, in winter, open curtains or blinds in areas of the home where the sun is shining in and
close them off in areas that are shaded.  Taking advantage of the solar energy from the sun can cut back
on how often your furnace needs to run.
8.) Use energy efficient light bulbs in areas which need consistent light. They cost a little more but last
much longer and offer savings long term
9.) Don’t run exhaust fans any more than you have to in the winter. They suck out the warm air in the
house and force it outside leaving the inside needing more heat.
10.) Use your microwave or smaller toaster ovens when possible rather than your large oven.
11.) Use your clothes dryer less often, it uses energy and can pull heat out of the house. Hang clothes to
air dry whenever possible.
12.) Always do full/large loads of laundry rather than several small loads
13.) Let your dishes in the dishwasher air dry rather than heat dry
14.) Go to low flow shower heads which use less water; therefore, also less energy to heat the water.
This is a tough one to get on board with.
**15.) A more expensive alternative but provides much in long term savings is the consideration of geo-
thermal.  It is costly to put in but saves quit a bit each year and it also allows for an income tax credit as
well as a property tax exemption in Indiana.

Cars: 10 WAYS TO SAVE MONEY ON GASOLINE Courtesy of Russell McLendon writer for the Mother
Nature Network
1) Slow and steady wins the race:
Gasoline mileage drops off in most cars once you're going faster than about 60 mph (see chart at left).
For every 5 mph you drive over 60 mph, you're essentially paying an extra 24 cents per gallon of gas. Try
using cruise control on interstates and other highways to maintain a constant speed. It can also help to
use your car's overdrive gears, which save fuel and engine wear by reducing your speed.

Be cool in traffic
Aggressive driving — speeding, swerving, sudden acceleration and braking — is not only dangerous, it
can lower your gas mileage 33 percent on highways and 5 percent on city streets. Revving your engine
while stopped is even more wasteful.

But not too cool
Air conditioning can be a big drain on gasoline, so make sure you don't just leave it on absentmindedly,
and certainly don't leave it on while windows are open, even if they're just cracked. You can improve your
fuel efficiency in stop-and-go traffic by turning off the A/C and rolling down the windows instead, but that's
not necessarily always the best idea. When driving above 55 mph, especially for long periods on
highways, the opposite is true — open windows make a vehicle less aerodynamic by letting in air, which
increases air resistance and decreases fuel efficiency. On long road trips, using air conditioning could
actually improve your mileage by up to 20 percent.

Don't just sit there
On top of pointlessly pumping out greenhouse gases without actually getting you anywhere, idling
automobiles also contribute to ground-level ozone, airborne particulate matter, and other near-surface
air pollution. These emissions can aggravate asthma and even hinder breathing in otherwise healthy
people, especially children and the elderly. If you're just idling to warm up your car in winter, it still only
needs to run about a minute. Anything beyond that is just wasting gas.

Stay in tune
Fixing a car that needs a tune-up or has failed an emissions test can improve its fuel efficiency by an
average of 4 percent. More serious problems, like a faulty oxygen sensor, can reduce mileage by up to
40 percent. And don't forget to get an oil change roughly every 3,000 miles or three months, whichever
comes first (or you could look into installing an Electro-Lube Oil Refiner, which reportedly eliminates the
need for oil changes while boosting efficiency 3 to 4 percent).

Get pumped
Keeping a car's tires properly inflated can improve fuel efficiency by about 3.3 percent. It's also safer and
lengthens the lifespan of your tires, since under-inflated tires lose their tread quickly in addition to
wasting fuel. Regular checkups for your tires' alignment and balance aren't a bad idea, either.

Take a load off
While it mainly affects smaller cars, carrying extra weight means burning extra gasoline, no matter how
big your vehicle is. On average, you may be cutting your fuel efficiency by up to 2 percent for every 100
extra pounds you haul.

Develop motor skills
Using the manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil can boost mileage by 1 to 2 percent. Try to
also use the lowest grade of gasoline that's appropriate for your car, since high-octane grades cost
several cents more per gallon. Check your owner's manual to be sure, but as long as your engine
doesn't start knocking, you're probably OK. Switching from premium to regular gasoline would save
hundreds of dollars every year.

There's a cap for that
Gasoline can evaporate from a vehicle's fuel tank if it's able to find an opening, which is bad for your
wallet and your lungs. Make sure your gas tank's cap is tightened securely after you fill up, and if the
cap's threading is stripped or it fits too loosely, you might want to buy a new one.

Join the masses
Carpool or, even better, don't take a car at all — walk, ride a bike, or take mass transit. It saves you
money, improves your personal health, and helps the planet by keeping greenhouse gases out of its
atmosphere. See MNN's guide to greening your commute for more ideas.
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